27 April 2021

Restaurant Logo, Secrets and Tips you should know

Cooking good food helps us to get into your customers heart, we still need to get into our customers brain, be memorable and outstand against competitors, here we will reveal the secrets and hints for your restaurant and coffee shop logo design:

What are the best colors for restaurant, food logo

You might have noticed that most of the famous restaurants have 2 colors in their restaurant’s logos, they help their customers to memorize their brand, a white background is a must to give your customers an eye a break while calling attention to your restaurant name and logo.

Then how can I choose the best 2 colors that represent my restaurant brand and identity, below we can see the major colors used for restaurant logos and their meanings:

  • Red: Passion, love, hunger, power, like Five Guys and Mc Donald.
  • Yellow: Warm, happiness positivity, appetite, like Mc Donald and Burger King.
  • Blue: Clean, trust, reliability, order, like IHop.
  • Orange: Energy, balance, hunger, tasty, like Dunken Donuts.
  • Green: Healthy, natural, organic, like Starbucks, Subway.
  • Purple: Mystery, sophisticated, innovation, like Taco Bell, Dunken Donuts.

The Hint: which 2 colors shall we choose, these 2 colors should represent your cuisine and your culture, take French restaurant for example, they always use blue, and red on white background, like France flag, while Italian restaurants go for green and red on a white background.

The Secret: You can mix and match from those colors, as food experts says, if you are into tasty, mouthwatering and fast food, you most probably need to use Red, Orange and Yellow, like burger king, mc Donald, Chilis, as these colors increase your customers appetite unintentionally.

If you are into healthy, balanced food, go for green and yellow like Subway.

Restaurant Logo design, Text or logo symbol

There are 2 schools in here, one of them recommends having your logo symbol associated with your name, the other school doesn’t agree with this, instead it recommends working on your restaurant name fonts in a way that represent your brand and identity.

Let’s take for example Subway, Mc Donald and IHOP, they use just a text without logomark, alternatively the font is reflecting the value of their brands, the font is unique and curvy in a way that increase customers appetite and makes them feel hungry.

If you choose to have your own logo, it should be simple and memorable like Chilis, you don’t want your customers eye to get lost in shapes, especially when they are hungry.

How can I design my restaurant logo

The hint: we must differentiate ourselves from competitors, if you decide to add a logo design for your restaurant, try to create your own avatar like Wendy’s, they have used an avatar of the owner’s daughter, that represents family, trust, old fashion qualities.

The secret: storytelling is the answer, start thinking of your main loyal customers persona, are they healthy, fast food lovers, spicy food gurus, let your logo speaks loudly on your restaurant behalf, Nando’s and Chilis are good examples here, they both call out the main item in their menu into their logos.


Cooking great food is just half the way to your restaurant and coffee shop success, your loyal customers are the biggest asset to your business continuity and growth, building loyal customers require strong branding and a great logo. If you need help on how to make, design and create your restaurant logo then Food Appers are here to help you, you can get professional restaurant and café logos at really affordable prices.

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