Free Digital QR Menu for Restaurant

Restaurant menu, QR Code menu for free

Food Appers is committed to support entrepreneurs like you during these uncertain times, your professional QR menu can be ready within minutes, simply fill in your menu items and download your QR codes so your customers can enjoy the contactless experience.

Menu icon, Menu card, can I upload my logo

This is the exciting part about it, you can upload all your restaurant details, your icon, menu mockup, menu design idea through Food Appers free menu creator, your menu logo, food, ideas will be leveraged into your digital menu restaurant for free.

Menu in Arabic, Menu in French, and much more

You can create your free online menu in your preferred language, currency and description, create menu in a click including menu background and your menu idea, food Appers will not charge you, it’s free worldwide.

Dine in table booking link for your restaurant

With us you can go one step further, you can enable table booking through the same QR digital menu for free, your customers can book a dine in table indoor or outdoor, and you will receive all tables reservations through your Admin panel.

Your customers can order from the comfort of their tables

Your customers can place orders through your digital menu at the comfort of their tables, no waiter interaction is required, they can define whether they need to pay in cash or card, you will receive their orders in real time through your Admin panel.

Order Delivery through your QR Digital Menu

Even more, we will provide you with a QR code and a Web link for your digital menu, you can share it with your customers on social media and they can view your menu and place orders directly with you, hassle free.

QR Code for whatsup, Instagram, facebook and all social networks

The qr code creator and makter from food Appers is free, you can share it on all of your social networks so your customers can enjoy seamless ordering experience through their phones.

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