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Profits by 40%+

  • QR 3D menu & Web App
  • 0% Commission
  • Impressive Experience
Supports Online Ordering
0 Commission
Ready in 1 Day
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CZN Burak ج ز ن بوراك

3D Menu & Queue Ordering
Chef Burak Restaurant

Downtown Dubai
DA by Crab Chic

3D Menu & Queue Ordering
by Crab Chic

Expo 2020 Dubai
CZN Burak Burger ج ز ن بوراك برغر

3D Menu & Dine In Orders
CZN Burak Burger

The Dubai Mall

3D Menu & Dine In Orders
Xenia Restaurants

NY, Lower Manhattan
Fashkhara فشخرة

Mobile Ordering App
Fashkhara Restaurants

Al Reem Island, AUH
Value Proposition
Impressive 3D Customer Experience

Stand out of your competitors & impress your customers by showcasing your product- that will encourage them to order more compared to Text Menu users

Boost Your Sales & Revenues by 40%+

Customers who are passing by your restaurant will scan your 3D menu QR code - you will convert them into dine-in customers

Not Only a 3D Menu, But a WebApp & QR Code

Boost your reach, share your menu WebApp Link on Social Media and Online.

Edit Your Menu On The Go

Change your items, description and prices in seconds

Optimized Wishlist

Customers can easily select their preferred dishes to order – unlike traditional menus

Queue Points, Online & Take Away

Enrich your customers experience while waiting on the queue, no more wasted time in ordering at the POS

Collect Customers Data

Re-engage with your customers by collecting their names & numbers over the 3D menu

Multi-Language Support

Your customers can switch between their preferred languages in a click

On Table QR – Their Phones Is Your Menu

UP-SELL, Your menu will always be accessible on your customers phones while they dine in

Reliable, Fast & Secure

We utilize the next generation technologies for your restaurant webApp

Restaurant Data Intelligence

Track your most ordered dishes, get an exposure into your customers preferences

Ready in 1 Day

Once we get your category videos, items, description and prices, we will launch your menu, QR, and WebApp in 1 day

Live 3D Menu Packages

& Cafés Owners

Get Your Branded Restaurant Ordering App at the Price of your Daily Coffee.

Generate Revenues at 0 Commission
Zero Commission
Unlock Online Revenue
Start Selling in 9 Days
an App that Boost Your Brand
Your Branded iOS & Android Apps
Sell Online with no limits
0% Commission - 0 Setup fee
Best in Class Technology
No Commitment - Monthly or Yearly Subscription
Integration with Delivery Companies
Powerful AI Admin Tool
Engage Directly with your Customers
How My App Will Look Like?
  • Fully Customized
  • Your Logo, Your Colors,
    Your Look and Feel
  • Your Menu, Your Prices, Your Discounts
  • Full Control on your App

Together we fight the revenue share & the crazy cost of professional Apps deployment

  • No Commitment
  • Zero Commission
  • No Setup Fee
  • Straight Forward Subscription Plans
Pricing validity
  • 0 Commission
  • 400 orders/mo
  • 1 Branch
  • $299/mo (save 25%)
    billed yearly
  • 0 Commission
  • 1600 orders/mo
  • 1-5 Branches
  • $483/mo (save 25%)
    billed yearly
  • 0 Commission
  • 400 orders/mo
  • 1 Branch
  • $374/mo
    billed monthly
  • 0 Commission
  • 1600 orders/mo
  • 1-5 Branches
  • $604/mo
    billed monthly
* Flat 0.5 USD for each extra order above your plan
What's in it for me?
Branded IOS App and Android App
Galaxi: Powerful Order Management Tool
Graviti: AI Tool to fully Manage your Apps
SEO and ASO Listing for your Apps
0% Commission
0 Installation Fee
Delivery Companies Integration
Marketing Launch Support & Training
Next Generation Features
In App Animation

Your app is a piece of art

7+ Languages & counting

Arabic, English, French & more...


Restaurant & Orders Analytics

Managed Content

Full Control on App Content beyond your expectation


Users will get detailed notifications for order status

Tracking orders

Order Status & Tracking

Delivery or Takeaway

foodAppers supports both takeaway and delivery options for orders

Online / Scheduled orders

Both Real Time and Scheduled Orders

Rating & Feedback

Private Customers Rating and Feedback

Vouchers & Coupons

Engage customers by giving coupons

Promos & Discounts

Promos & Discounts at the Product level

Extras & Upselling

More features and upselling is guaranteed

Love to work together
We Support the UAE Restaurants
Free app every month

Every Month we are giving away a Free App to one of the Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops, simply Fill-in the form below to get your Chance.

I want to be the Winner

*duplicated forms will be rejected

Looking for new revenue streams?
We Are Welcoming Partnerships, Globally

It is not easy to start a new business. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, and skills to build a strong unique value in the market.

We are looking for entrepreneurs like you as regional sales partners, together we create the difference in F&B tech industry, we have proven unbeatable solutions and offerings like no one else does.

If you are interested in becoming a Regional Sales Partner for food Appers in your country, email us at: [email protected]

*RSP applications are subject to the food Appers screening policy, we don't guarantee contacting all submitted applications

Generous Referral Program

Attention to All Entrepreneurs; Generous Referral Program

Invite a Restaurant / Café shop
Calling Out All Entrepreneurs, You will get USD 200.00 (AED 734.00) in Cash for every and each Restaurant, Café, Coffe Shop or any Business that comes through your recommendation, Simply request the Restaurant to fill-in your name and mobile number during the Submission Request in "How Did you Hear About us" Section, we will pay in cash for every closed opportunity with no limit.

*applicable for yearly subscription

Frequently asked questions
We are available in all countries.
- Food Appers creates your branded Restaurant Ordering App, and more,
- Food Appers charge 0% commission and 0 setup fee,
- Food Appers allow you to advertise for your App (your asset), not for others’ platforms,
- Food Appers helps you unlock online revenue, and keeps your customers’ data with you.
You need it to:
- Unlock Revenues: You will stand out from competitors,
- Branding: Your App is your Asset, it reflects your brand image,
- Save More: No Commission, No Revenue share,
- Privacy: You keep you customers data with you, and own your customers relationship,
- Retention: Your customers would feel Credibility, Quality, Convenience, and being taken care of.
- Higher Retention: You will always be on your customers phones,
- Easy to Reach: Your customers don’t need to search for your website every time,
- Lower Churn: Your customers may see competitors Ads when they search for your website,
- Promote Your Brand: You advertise and promote your app, not third-party links,
- Engagement: Direct Communication and Notifications, Own your customers relationship,
- Lower Ad Budget: You don’t need to advertise to your existing customers,
- Upsell and Cross sell: Notify your customers on new products and promotions- Ad free.
No setup or installation fee, no commission, it’s only a subscription service.
Yes, a free training will be provided.
Yes, you will also get a powerful Admin tool on the top to manage your Apps, also a training on how to use it, it will be fun and simple, it will help you to plan and grow your business.
Monthly or Yearly (25%off) , you can suspend your subscription anytime 15 days before you contract gets renewed automatically.
Sure, you can cancel by giving a 15 days’ notice through the email.
We do provide a Free Integration with multiple delivery companies who can pick up and deliver your orders.
Depends on your direct agreement with the delivery provider, we just provide the integration free of charge for both of you.
Generally, Part of delivery cost will be paid by the user and part by you, you can change the delivery charge from your App Admin tool anytime.

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